Top 5 Insider Tips for Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has so much to offer. It is actually Walt Disney World’s largest theme park but most of the space is taken up for their exotic and exciting animals. There are of course some fantastic attractions and entertainment to savour and so we have rounded up our top 5 tips for visiting Animal Kingdom.

animal kingdom1. Stay hydrated. Bring water with you and refill up your bottles at water fountains. Animal Kingdom is usually hotter than anywhere else at Walt Disney World because of the vegetation. Also there isn’t a lot of shade at Animal Kingdom so make sure you are wearing your hats and sipping on your water. They don’t allow plastic lids and straws at Animal Kingdom (they have aardvark paper straws instead) and so if not having a lid is a problem for little ones, consider bringing along their sippy cup.

2. Ask Cast Members questions. If you are looking at the animals and see a Cast Member, ask them questions about the animals. They are very knowledgeable and love to share. Encourage your children to ask questions too, especially if they are interested in animals.

3. Make a point to see Divine. She is a street performer who blends in with Animal Kingdom’s flora and you don’t notice her until she moves! If you don’t see her, ask a Cast Member where she is and when she will be performing. Divine usually performs along the path between Asia and Africa.

4. Give yourself enough time at Animal Kingdom. You can do the park in one day but if it is very hot, plan to see the park in 2 mornings rather than visiting in the heat of the afternoon on a hot day. If you are an animal lover, make sure you take the time to simply savour the park and go and see all of the animals (especially at The Oasis) as opposed to arriving, riding all of the attractions and then heading on to the next park. You can, however, do the park in just one day if you choose to. Animal Kingdom does not have as many attractions as the other parks. Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks and some attractions involving the animals close before others. When visiting Animal Kingdom, be aware of the closing times of attractions.

animal kingdom5. Think like an animal! On a hot day, the animals are more active in the morning or late afternoon and when it rains they are more active. If you really want to see the animals, think about when they will likely be more active (when it is cooler) and plan to see them early in the day. Ride Kilimanjaro Safari first thing in the morning if it is going to be a hot day.

Animal Kingdom is home to my favourite attraction, Expedition Everest, but this theme park has so much more to offer than just the rides. One bonus tip for you is to remember to enjoy Animal Kingdom as you visit and take in the wonderful architecture of the different lands and the majestic animals as well as the fantastic attractions.


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