Top 3 Tips When Staying in a Hotel Room

When staying in a hotel room you are squeezing your family into one room and so we have compiled our top 3 tips to ensure a harmonious experience!

hotel room

If it is possible, check in later in the day for a better chance of an upgrade, as the hotel staff will have a better idea of their inventory.

Bring a power strip with you. For some reason hotel rooms seem to lack enough power outlets, especially for the amount of electronic devices that each family member tends to have nowadays, and the ones they do have are for the dozens of lamps and they’re hidden behind the desk, the bed or other furniture. Avoid the arguments over the outlets and say goodbye to crawling on all fours underneath the desk each time your phone needs charging.

If your safe is full or you have items that are too bulky to fit (such as a camera bag), keep them in the suitcase, lock it for peace of mind and then keep the suitcase out of sight e.g. under the bed or in the closet.

Bonus tip: Bring your own water! Water at the hotel can be expensive and so just bring your own or purchase some during your sightseeing!

hotel room

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