Keeping Track of Immunizations

Keeping track of your immunizations is important; especially when it comes to travel because some vaccines require boosters to be given months apart and some vaccines can’t be given at the same time as others. This means that you need to know in enough time if you need any immunizations for diseases that are not common in North America.

There is a new, free, bilingual app called ImmunizeCA that was created to help Canadians keep track of their immunizations. You can easily record and store vaccine information and manage vaccination appointments for the entire family. There is even a status page that will alert you of the next vaccination you need and lets you keep on top of your immunizations.


immunizationsNot only will you be able to easily store your records, you will also have access to expert information about vaccinations, including vaccinations for travellers. For more information about this app visit their website HERE and for more information about healthy travel abroad click HERE.


Knowing what vaccinations you’ve had and what vaccinations you need for travel is extremely important and with just a little preparation, you can protect yourself and your family against many common and preventable travel-related illnesses so you can thoroughly enjoy your family holiday.


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