Fitting Fitness into your Travels

I want to share with you some tips on fitting fitness into your holiday when you want to keep up with your fitness routine. I’m a pretty active person; I go to the gym regularly, I play on sports teams and I take my dog for long walks daily. When I travel though, because I’m out of my routine I find it difficult to fit in my gym time even though I do enjoy going to the gym. There are many obstacles to overcome when fitting in your workout during your holiday such as being too busy with holiday activities to fit in time at the gym, maybe the facilities leave a lot to be desired or they’re too small and it’s always crowded.

I understand that there are many reasons for not being able to fit in your activity but whenever I came back from a trip and headed back to the gym, I found it really difficult. My cardio suffered the most and I would feel weaker doing the same routine that I had done only a couple of weeks ago. I was fed up of working so hard on my fitness only to travel for a week or 2 and lose a lot of my fitness and so I made some changes when I travel. Here are my best tips for making sure you don’t lose all of your fitness that you have worked so hard on while you are away enjoying your holiday.


Workout first thing in the morning

When you’re sat next to the pool with a drink in your hand and you’ve told yourself that you’ll work out at 4pm, be honest with yourself; how likely are you going to do that? Set yourself up for success by working out before there are any distractions and you’ll also enjoy your time by the pool later knowing that you’ve already fitted your workout in.

Scope out the facilities before hand

When you arrive at your destination, check out the facilities before you intend to workout so you know where to go and you’ll also be able to gauge how long you think you will spend there working out. If you can see photos before you leave home, that’s even better because you can see what kind of equipment is available and you can take workout routines with you that will work in the facility.

Stay at a Westin

If you are staying in a participating Westin hotel you can ask for a Westin Workout room that has a treadmill or stationary bike, dumbbells, fitness DVDs, resistance bands and stability balls right in your room! No excuses! Westin also offer New Balance shoes and clothing for you to use during your stay for only US$5 so you don’t have to pack your own gym kit if you are tight on space. The shoes come with brand new socks, which you get to keep, and the clothing is fresh and clean.

Go for a run in your destination

Not only will you fit in your fitness, you’ll also get to know the surrounding area and you may discover something, such as a shop or a small café you think your family will love, all while enjoying your destination’s scenery. There is even a Run Westin program where New Balance has provided three- and five-mile routes through the city, along the beach or into rural landscapes. You can run with a group and Westin’s Run Concierge at many locations or take the running map and head out on your own. Either way you will be welcomed back with a fresh towel and cold bottled water.


Your own gym

Check to see if your own gym has other locations you can use. The gym I’m a member of has numerous gyms in different cities in the US. My gym membership works for those gyms as well and so if I’m taking a holiday in a city that has my gym, I could workout there!

Visiting friends and family

If your holiday is revolved around visiting friends or family and they are members of a gym, ask them if they can get you a visitor’s pass or a trial pass so that you can use their gym.


The goal of working out on holiday is to maintain your level of fitness. There’s no need to up your weights and feel sore the next day or to do your usual 60 minute workout when a 30 minute workout will suffice. You still want to feel like you are on holiday!

P.S. Did you know that Beaches resorts now have fitness classes for children! Kids can participate in yoga, water aerobics and boot camp classes and so the whole family can keep up with your healthy lifestyle!

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