The Evolution of Travel Agent to Travel Consultant

The most common question I receive after someone has learned that I am a Travel Consultant is: Do Travel Agents still exist? Well, no. Travel Agents are very few and far between nowadays, however, Travel Consultants are taking the world by storm. Gone are the days where Travel Agents simply took your travel order and booked your airline tickets and other aspects of your trip.

travel consultantsWith so much information at our fingertips, thanks to the Internet, some people may think that everyone can book their own travel (I actually had this said to me just last week!). I guess you could book your own travel because websites are great for allowing you to book flights and hotels and throwing information at you, including reviews full of strangers’ opinions.

Sometimes it may be more beneficial to book travel for yourself. A great example would be if you are going away for the weekend for a wedding and can book your flight with your points and you already know which hotel everyone is staying at. If you want something a little more complicated or memorable, then a website may not be able to help. A Travel Consultant, on the other hand, knows the right questions to ask that leads to being able to do the right research in order to recommend holidays that are a perfect fit for your family. No longer are Travel Experts taking orders; we consult.

Travel Consultants are also able to interpret the Internet for you. Through our training and experience, we sift through the myriad of travel information that is out there and research the best possible options for you. That saves you countless hours of online researching!

I want to leave you with a travel tip that could turn your great family holiday into a fantastic family holiday. When using a Travel Consultant, do not just give the bare minimum information. If you are speaking with us, over the phone or in person, don’t feel that some personal information (e.g. hubby loves to golf or your eldest daughter loves dolphins) is not important because we may be able to incorporate some activities into your holiday plans that you may not have thought of or even known could be possible! Travel Consultants, as opposed to Travel Agents, are constantly adding personalized touches and perks that are perfect for you and your family.


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