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Top 3 Reasons Costa Rica Should be on your Travel Radar

The Biodiversity Costa Rica, although a small country in Central America (51,100 sq km) boasts 4% of the planet’s expected biodiversity. To put this into perspective, Costa Rica’s official website compares how many species you will find per 1,000 sq km in Costa Rica to Brazil. In Brazil you will find on average 6.5 plant species, […]

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How to Disconnect while on a Family Holiday

Picture this: The whole family is sat in your family room watching TV together and your son is on the family iPad, your daughter is on her phone, your spouse is checking their email on their phone and even you have your laptop from work open on your knees. There used to be a time […]

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The Evolution of Travel Agent to Travel Consultant

The most common question I receive after someone has learned that I am a Travel Consultant is: Do Travel Agents still exist? Well, no. Travel Agents are very few and far between nowadays, however, Travel Consultants are taking the world by storm. Gone are the days where Travel Agents simply took your travel order and […]

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Top 3 Tips When Staying in a Hotel Room

When staying in a hotel room you are squeezing your family into one room and so we have compiled our top 3 tips to ensure a harmonious experience! If it is possible, check in later in the day for a better chance of an upgrade, as the hotel staff will have a better idea of […]

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5 Common Mistakes People make when planning a Family Holiday and How to avoid them. Part II

Last week we shared mistakes 1-3 people make when planning a family holiday. You can read those mistakes HERE. This week we wrap it up with the final 2 mistakes that you will now have the knowledge and tools to avoid making! 4. Getting hung up on reviews. Reviews can be helpful but this common […]

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5 Common Mistakes People make when planning a Family Holiday and How to avoid them. Part I

As experienced family travel specialists, we come across many common mistakes that families make when booking a family holiday and so we want to share with you how you can avoid them. Avoiding these common mistakes may save you money and will definitely make your family holiday less stressful. We have narrowed it down to […]

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Our Top 3 Tips for Pleasing all the Family on Holiday

Are you feeling overwhelmed with trying to find a holiday that appeals to everyone in the family? Well you’re not alone! We’ll share with you our top 3 tips for pleasing the whole family on holiday. 1. Involve the whole family during the planning stages. Make sure every member gets to choose something, e.g. a […]

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Our Top 4 Tips for Adventures by Disney Cowboys and Canyons

We loved our Adventures by Disney trip to the Grand Canyon and came away with some great tips that we are itching to share. Some of the tips are specific to Adventures by Disney Cowboys and Canyons while others can be applied to all of the Adventures by Disney itineraries.   Pack like a pro. […]

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Relaxing Family Holiday: Beaches Resort

A beaches resort holiday may be perfect for your family if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. Spend your next family beach holiday on pristine, white-sand beaches caressed by crystal-clear seas. Beaches resorts are all inclusive so you can leave your wallets and you stress behind. You will have plenty of opportunities to relax […]

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Our Adventures by Disney Trip – Cowboys and Canyons Part 4

Our Adventures by Disney trip saw us leaving the Grand Canyon and heading to Moab, Utah. You can learn more about what we got up to at the Grand Canyon HERE. On our way to Moab, we made a stop at Monument Valley. On the drive we watched the movie Holes, which made the drive […]

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