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Top 3 Tips When Staying in a Hotel Room

When staying in a hotel room you are squeezing your family into one room and so we have compiled our top 3 tips to ensure a harmonious experience! If it is possible, check in later in the day for a better chance of an upgrade, as the hotel staff will have a better idea of […]

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6 Top Tips for Keeping your Travel Documents Organized

Keeping your travel documents organized is a top priority if you want a stress-free travel experience. There is nothing worse than getting to the ticket counter when checking in for your flight and frantically having to dig through your bag to find your passports, thinking for half a second you may have forgotten them, as […]

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Keeping Track of Immunizations

Keeping track of your immunizations is important; especially when it comes to travel because some vaccines require boosters to be given months apart and some vaccines can’t be given at the same time as others. This means that you need to know in enough time if you need any immunizations for diseases that are not […]

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Passport Tips and Information

Your passport is your ticket to the world. Whether you are travelling abroad for business or pleasure you need a passport. Not only are you allowed to pass freely into a foreign country with your passport, you are also granted protection in a foreign country. I want to share with you a couple of things […]

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Disney FastPass+ Tips and Tricks

Having experienced first hand Disney FastPass+, I want to share with you some tips that I picked up along the way. If an attraction that you have a FastPass+ for is temporarily down during your return time window, which can happen sometimes, you will get an email to the email address you use for My […]

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Disney FastPass+

Disney’s FastPass service has been taken to a whole new level with Disney FastPass+. Try saying FastPass+ over and over again (fastpass plus fastpass plus fastpassplus faspastpus pastpassplus…). Although the main premise for FastPass+ is the same, in that you choose an attraction and are given a return time window in which you return to […]

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MagicBand 101

Having just come back from a week of training at Walt Disney World and then a family holiday at Walt Disney World, I have become very familiar with the MagicBands. I want to pass my knowledge onto you so that when you arrive at Walt Disney World for the first time with your MagicBand, you’ll […]

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Top 5 Insider Tips for Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has so much to offer. It is actually Walt Disney World’s largest theme park but most of the space is taken up for their exotic and exciting animals. There are of course some fantastic attractions and entertainment to savour and so we have rounded up our top 5 tips for visiting Animal Kingdom. […]

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5 Common Mistakes People make when planning a Family Holiday and How to avoid them. Part II

Last week we shared mistakes 1-3 people make when planning a family holiday. You can read those mistakes HERE. This week we wrap it up with the final 2 mistakes that you will now have the knowledge and tools to avoid making! 4. Getting hung up on reviews. Reviews can be helpful but this common […]

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5 Common Mistakes People make when planning a Family Holiday and How to avoid them. Part I

As experienced family travel specialists, we come across many common mistakes that families make when booking a family holiday and so we want to share with you how you can avoid them. Avoiding these common mistakes may save you money and will definitely make your family holiday less stressful. We have narrowed it down to […]

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