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Fitting Fitness into your Travels

I want to share with you some tips on fitting fitness into your holiday when you want to keep up with your fitness routine. I’m a pretty active person; I go to the gym regularly, I play on sports teams and I take my dog for long walks daily. When I travel though, because I’m […]

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Top 3 Reasons Costa Rica Should be on your Travel Radar

The Biodiversity Costa Rica, although a small country in Central America (51,100 sq km) boasts 4% of the planet’s expected biodiversity. To put this into perspective, Costa Rica’s official website compares how many species you will find per 1,000 sq km in Costa Rica to Brazil. In Brazil you will find on average 6.5 plant species, […]

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Lights! Camera! Travel!

Have you ever watched a movie and thought ‘I’d like to travel there!’ Sometimes a movie can ignite a travel bug inside of us and other times a movie can make us want to see where it was filmed because the movie had such an impact on us. Either way, if you are trying to […]

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A Different Kind of Travel Journal

It all started many years ago when I went on a school trip with my soccer team and the boys’ soccer team. We toured Italy, playing matches against Italian schools and seeing some of the Italian sites. It was so much fun that even though it was 10 years ago, I still remember a lot […]

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How to Make Travel a Healthy Habit

Often we are caught up in all of the details of travelling, such as when are we able to take the time off, how long shall we travel for, where should we go, what shall we do when we get there, that the whole reason for travelling can take a back seat. Sometimes it may […]

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Top 5 Travel Apps that Work Offline

Data roaming charges can put a damper on anybody’s holiday and so we’ve come up with 5 great travel apps that will still work even without data coverage or being connected to Wi-Fi. Some of the apps will not have their full functionality available but they will still be extremely useful. Avenza PDF Maps (Free) […]

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Ballroom Dancing on the Queen Mary 2

You may or not may know this about me but I used to be a dancer. I took ballet, tap and jazz lessons and I made it to pointe in ballet. I would spend 3-4 nights at the dance studio and would be there for hours. I remember one time when we had just come […]

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How to Disconnect while on a Family Holiday

Picture this: The whole family is sat in your family room watching TV together and your son is on the family iPad, your daughter is on her phone, your spouse is checking their email on their phone and even you have your laptop from work open on your knees. There used to be a time […]

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The Evolution of Travel Agent to Travel Consultant

The most common question I receive after someone has learned that I am a Travel Consultant is: Do Travel Agents still exist? Well, no. Travel Agents are very few and far between nowadays, however, Travel Consultants are taking the world by storm. Gone are the days where Travel Agents simply took your travel order and […]

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Top 5 Tips to Make Sure You Do Not Over Pack

Learning how not to over pack can be a crucial skill, especially with current baggage fees and those pesky charges for any overweight luggage. You will want to make sure you only take what you need to avoid those charges and so we have come up with our top 5 tips to help you avoid […]

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