• Do you spend more time chauffeuring, shopping and cleaning than you do in meaningful moments with your kids?
  • Do you or your spouse spend more time on airplanes travelling for work than on the bleachers watching your kids play sports?
  • Do you long for opportunities that encourage your kids to bond instead of bicker or stay glued to their technology?
  • Are you afraid your kids may never learn to appreciate the real world over the digital world?

Who We Are

IMG_4389We are Carol Baldwin and Rhian Torontow, a mother-daughter team, and our mission is to create travel experiences that deepen relationships within your family.

We want every trip we plan to foster a connection that will last a lifetime and transform your children into open-minded, flexible, well-travelled people.  We have first hand experience of how important and effective the family journey can be.

Carol’s husband, Russell travelled extensively with his work and was absent from the home for a lot of Rhian’s growing up years.  In Rhian’s words, “travel brought our family together.”  Thanks to Carol’s insistence on travelling with the family, near and far, year after year, she and her husband have a deep and meaningful relationship with their children, and Rhian has the same with her brother.

We started Magical Family Adventures as a way to share our passion for travel and its ability to create magical bonds within the family unit.  We deeply value the connection we have within our family and the priceless memories from all of our journeys and we can’t wait to make that happen for you.

Magical Family Adventures has now evolved to include groups travelling together as we believe the same principles apply for a group of like-minded travellers. After all, a family doesn’t have to share the same blood to have the same powerful connections. We work with businesses to create travel experiences that help deepen their customers’ loyalty to their businesses and fuel a vibrant community around their business.

Benefits Our Clients Experience


  • Your children will learn to see beyond their own backyard;
  • Their minds will be open to different cultures, ways of life, and cuisine and return from their journey with an attitude that different is NOT bad;


  • Memorable moments with each other converting your children from adversaries to allies;
  • Deeper bonds that will last a lifetime;
  • A priceless and timeless collection of wonderful moments (and not things).


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